Ultra Boost uppers

Ultra Boost uppers Adidas Adidas’s original Primeknit weaving technology, bringing excellent wrapping while giving the best breathability and comfort of both feet.
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Adidas will be placed in the bottom of the original anti-torsion system Torsion System completely implanted in the middle of Boost, in order to make Ultra Boost thinner Torsion System to do smaller, the entire Torsion System technically compressed, although the whole Smaller, but in density has reached the previous generation of products 2 times, so you can ensure the stability of the entire soles at the same time, increase the movement of the rebound power.
Ultra Boost The most important thing is Boost midsole, this pair of Ultra Boost running shoes Adidas spent two years for research and development. A Boost in the end of about 3,000 Boost particles, each Boost particles are highly flexible, before the Boost EVA material will be wrapped in the end, this advantage is to make Boost more stable, but the new Ultra Boost In the end has been removed EVA package, the new process so that the stability of the Ultra Boost in the end does not lose before, and also provide a better rebound.

Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0
Adidas Ultra Boost released a new version in 2016, that is, adidasUltra Boost 2.0, the offer price is ¥ 1399. Adidas ultra boost 1.0 is very powerful, and behind the adidasultra boost 2.0 only in the adidas ultra boost 1.0 based on a little made some changes.
Adidas replica Ultra Boost 2.0 and adidas fake ultra boost 1.0 biggest difference, that is, Ultra Boost outsole difference, in addition to the use of the horse outsole, the second generation of large rubber particles become flat, but also relatively thick, and generation Is a cone. The shape of the change, the horse brand at the end was once passed as strong wear resistance. But in terms of wear resistance, a generation is poor, but the second generation is better than a generation to go. The most prominent place at the end of the horse is its anti-slip effect, and the change in the shape of the rubber particles plays a role here, because the area of ​​contact with the ground increases and the friction increases. So when you wear Ultra Boost2.0, when no longer have to worry about porcelain tiles on the water stains!